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Posting Date: 07/08/11 03:42:00
My dad Capt. Backen, retired from HBFD in 1985 & lost his battle with liver/lung cancer in 2000. As a 'daddy's girl' I looked up to him & the men who worked with him over the years & lastly at Murdy Station. I kindly ask anyone who worked with him & knows the engine # at the time of his retirement (FEB1985) to please contact me @ THANK YOU to all the Firefighters in HB for your protection.

Donna Templeton
Posting Date: 03/16/11 09:05:00
Thanks for the CERT training and for everything you guys do.

Posting Date: 11/01/10 11:27:00
I would like to know whats going on with the HBFD. I retired Dec. 1994 and I feel like I am out of the loop. Thanx Pat

Bruce Enyeart
Posting Date: 09/26/10 09:10:00
Been enjoying retirement for many years. Keep healthy and be safe. Bruce

Robert McVey
Posting Date: 09/26/10 05:46:00
Great site, very professional. Congradulations to Tom Faye one of my Fountain Valley Reserves.

Bob McVey, Retired FV Batt Chief

Curt Campbell
Posting Date: 09/25/10 04:30:00
Congrats to Furgy and Faye!

Mike McKay
Posting Date: 09/24/10 09:36:00
Hi guys, Thanks to the email from Darrin Witt, I was reminded that you have your political endorsements located on the site. I found it, and printed it. Thanks Darrin. By the way, the web page looks great! "HI" to the rest of you guys. Later, M2

Bob LaMarsh
Posting Date: 09/24/10 06:27:00
Nice web site... Dave Ferguson and Tom Faye were firefighters with me at Heil Station many moons ago. I am happy for them and the recognition they have received

diane ferguson
Posting Date: 07/06/10 09:33:00
Congratulations Firefighter of the Year 2010 Dave Ferguson!!!!!! Your family is very proud of you! :)

Rob Miller
Posting Date: 06/03/10 12:39:00
cool site

Thomas Oberlin
Posting Date: 02/26/10 08:42:00
Nice web page.


Pat Wills
Posting Date: 06/04/09 07:11:00
Retired Deputy Chief Tom Poe was a great influence in my youth as a teenage fire explorer with the Huntington Beach Fire Department. There was nothing better than seeing his face light up when Sheri and the kids would arrive at Gothard fire station for a visit. He was a mentor and made an effort to make sure I did the right thing growing up. I was very fortunate to ride along with (then) Captain Tom and his crew at Gothard FS. That was over 36 years ago. I cannot say enough of how much of an influence he made on me as a young kid. The last 33 years of my life have been as a professional firefighter and he was a big part of making it happen. Thank you Tom Poe for all you did. I will never forget you.

Patrick Wills, Captain Long Beach Fire Department Local 372

Bob Moore
Posting Date: 06/04/09 08:55:00
My sympathy goes to John Poe and family with the passing of Tom. May you all find peace. Bob Moore AFD retired

Matt Carson
Posting Date: 08/25/08 06:06:00
Clint King, you have come a long way from Seals Ambulance. Congrats!

Terry Hibler
Posting Date: 03/10/08 07:41:00
I've been following the work on the Seagrave. My grandfather, Harry Hibler Sr is pictured and my father, Harry Hibler Jr was the mascot. Congratulations on your restoration project. And thank you for honoring those that served. My family is very proud of their service and we're excited to be a part of your celebration.

Steve Christen
Posting Date: 10/08/07 08:03:00
Just got a letter in the mail about Chief Pellitier's retirement. Pass on a big congrats from me!

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